Do you love to draw? Do people tell you that you have talent and could be a professional?

I got started by seeing someone drawing caricatures at a mall, knew that I had drawn portraits since I was little and decided to try to make some money doing what I loved. I drew and practiced and drew some more and moved to Ocean City, Maryland for the summer. There I drew all day and night, practicing caricatures and cartooning.

When I moved back to Washington, D.C. I started drawing caricatures at parties. I've drawn at every kind of function and for all kinds of clients: from baby showers to Bar Mitzvahs, to weddings, and retirements. Even at the Vice President's house!

Over the years I learned all the tricks of working at parties, trade shows, street fairs, and malls the hard way and still made money!

With these secrets from a 20-year professional you will jump the line and join the ranks of artists making money doing what they love.

I have the answers to your questions:

  • Can I copy from other artists?
  • Who are the best artists to copy?
  • How do I make my cartoons side-splittingly funny?
  • What supplies do I need to be a professional?
  • How do I not waste my money on expensive stuff I don't need?
  • How can I get cheap equipment?
  • How do I start up my business?
  • Where can I work?
  • How do I price my caricatures?
  • How do I showcase my work?
  • Should I exaggerate people's features?
  • How do I make my clients happy?
  • How do I get my name out there?



My secret way to get caricature work


The easy way to hustle for clients


The secret approach to facial feature exaggeration


5 steps to making your clients happy


Three easy ways to make caricatures funny


3 videos showing step-by-step instructions to setting up your booth.


Examples of work and pictures of supplies


The entire 27 page ebook is delivered by immediate download

You Don't Need to Spend 20 Years When I've Done it For You

I've put over 20 years of experience into this book and it will save you many months and years of trying different things to find the right way to make money with caricatures. Don't waste years finding out the things I can tell you!

Here's what you get with this incredible deal:

  1. A beautifully illustrated, 27-page handbook that details how you can make money drawing and loving what you do.
  2. An exclusive video that NO ONE ELSE HAS that will show you how to set up your caricature stand,
  3. And another video that will SHOW YOU HOW TO BRING IN CUSTOMERS to your stand - hustling all the way!
  4. Audio interview of 20-year professional caricature artist Kara Wald.


AND…I’ll Also Give You This Bonus!


A sample contract that has been tested by a professional and it works!

This will save you money, time, and embarrassment by getting all the information you need, explaining what you will do for the client and what you won't do, state the money owed and received, it will make you A PROFESSIONAL!



Checklists for everything you will need for an indoor or outdoor party that you can print out for each job you get! Never forget anything you need for a professional caricature job!


You can do it!

Kara Wald of Karacatures


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